Healing Diabetic Wounds

Why hasn’t this wound healed? Maybe you need to review some rules below!  Diabetic wounds are very unpredictable! When it comes to diabetic wounds they can be really hard to heal. They are often a combination of poor circulation, lack of sensation to the feet, and pressure from shoes. Often, diabetic ulcers are never felt, […]

Don’t Let Dry, Cracking Heels Keep You Off Your Feet!

40+60 Feet, Euw. (Photo credit: bark) Dry, cracking heels are very common, especially in wintertime. Colder temperatures are one of the main reasons for their occurrence, but other factors may contribute to the condition including age, diabetes, excess weight, or vitamin deficiency.  As you get older, your skin loses its ability to stretch.  As a […]

Diabetic Algebra

Image by Getty Images via @daylife So which doctor do you see when your blood glucose is out of control?  If you answered your PCP or endocrinologist, you are correct.  But adding your podiatrist to the equation may be just what the doctor ordered.  A podiatrist to treat your blood glucose?  Zoinks!   Ok, before you […]