Are Painful Foot Cramps Cramping Your Style

Our human bodies are both amazing and frightening.  Our body has an incredible ability to heal its own wounds and circulate up to about 2,000 gallons of blood in a day, but it can also act up at times and cause excruciating pain.  This often happens with cramping in our feet – one minute all […]

High Heel Hell!

Sky High Heels! There are some serious risks of wearing high heels frequently.  That said, probably the most comfortable shoes in your closet are NOT those sky-high heels that you HAD to have!  You were sucked in by the ‘Carrie Bradshaw look’.  You tried them on, and you instantly felt taller, with longer legs, you […]

How Healthy are Your Arteries?

Have you wondered if you are getting enough blood flow to your feet? Do you ever experience pain in your legs that wakes you up at night?  If you go to the grocery store, do you get a cramping pain in your legs that makes you stop walking, and then start again once the cramping […]

Achilles Tendon Rupture

It’s that time of the year again where the temperatures increase and the layers of clothes decrease. This time of year seems to ramp up the activity level as cabin fever has taken its toll on many people. Whether your motivation to increase your activity level is fueled by a desire to enjoy the warmer […]

Are you a loud walker? You may have tight heel cords.

Tight Heel Cords “What is that thumping?” If it sounds like a giant is living in the apartment upstairs, it might just be that your neighbor has a case of tight heel cords. If you are experiencing pain in your calves, you might be the noisy one!  Tight heel cords, or what is known as […]