Calluses and Corns and Bunions, Oh my!

While we’re all familiar with Dorothy’s worst fears, no one will ever really know what lurked inside of those ruby slippers.  If Dorothy had calluses, corns or bunions, as many people do, her trip down the Yellow Brick Road might not have been so wonderful. So what’s the difference between calluses, corns, and bunions?  People […]

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Your feet carry you through your life’s journey.  Each day your feet are hard at work as you progress through your busy day.  It’s important to keep your hardworking feet, ankles and lower legs healthy as they have a big job to do. When foot health issues such as painful bunions, heel pain or sports-related […]

Bunion Surgery and the Professional Athlete

It’s been exactly 30 years since Phil Simms of the New York Giants was asked what he was going to do next after winning the super bowl, to which he proudly declared “I’m going to Disney World!”. Super Bowl LI ended with the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. As a result, Tom Brady and […]