Lapiplasty: The newest, advanced technique in bunion surgery

bunion surgery

Are you suffering from a painful bunion, or have a painful bump along the inside aspect of your big toe joint, making exercise, shoe wear, and other daily activities difficult? Bunions, or hallux abducto valgus deformity, is a common deformity of the foot that causes many to suffer from chronic foot pain. A bunion can […]

Winter Foot Health Tips

With winter right around the corner now is the time to start taking inventory of your winter shoe selection as it is starting to get cold in Kansas City! At this time of year, Kansas City Foot and Ankle specialists will typically start seeing an increase in certain types of foot related to pain and […]

Painful bunions? Surgery isn’t always necessary

Many people are told that to find relief of their bunion pain, they either need to wear bulky cushions over the bumps or find wider or even open shoes.   They may also be told that if the bunion continues to be painful, they would need surgery to correct the deformity.  Unfortunately, a third, often effective […]

Calluses and Corns and Bunions, Oh my!

While we’re all familiar with Dorothy’s worst fears, no one will ever really know what lurked inside of those ruby slippers.  If Dorothy had calluses, corns or bunions, as many people do, her trip down the Yellow Brick Road might not have been so wonderful. So what’s the difference between calluses, corns, and bunions?  People […]