Heel Spurs

At Kansas City Foot and Ankle and the Heel Pain Center of Kansas City, one of the most common problems we see is heel pain.  While it is true that many patients with heel pain have heel spurs, heel spurs are not usually the cause of pain in the heels. There was a time when […]

A look into your future

There is a mystery that surrounds fortune tellers that makes them an irresistible attraction.  The idea that they can help us peer into our future is almost too good to be true.  At one point or another, we all yearn to have this type of foresight.  Behind that swirling crystal ball may be the answer […]

Ice Ice Baby

Have you ever thought of ice for INTERNAL pain relief? For every fall, scrape, or accidental run-in with an inanimate object (walls, poles, etc.), there’s a frozen bag of peas for that. It’s the oldest trick in mom’s book.  Using ice to alleviate pain is a method that’s been around for ages. It’s something everyone […]