Do our Podiatrists Recommend Walking Barefoot?

As more people are staying home right now, it begs the question: Is it a good idea to walk barefoot in your home?  Walking barefoot might be something you only do at home. But for many, walking and exercising barefoot is a practice they do daily.  Do our podiatrists recommend walking barefoot?  The answer can […]

New Stem Cell Technology for Heel Pain

New Stem Cell Technology for Treating Heel Pain Kansas City Foot and Ankle,  a leader in advanced podiatric technology, is excited to bring our patients the latest non-surgical advancement in the treatment of heel pain due to soft tissue damage such as plantar fasciitis and achilles Tendinitis. A remarkable new medical technology; Amniofix® stem cell […]

Kansas City podiatrist says barefoot running offers big risk for little reward

The debate continues to rage over minimalist running shoes and the pros and cons of minimalist running.  Dr. Mark Green, a top Kansas City podiatrist, has said all along that these type of running shoes offer big risk with very little reward.  More and more studies are concluding that Dr. Green has been right all […]