Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoe occurs when the second, third, or fourth toe bends at the middle joint, often as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes. Genetics, arthritis, and muscle imbalance can also cause hammertoe. The affected toe resembles a hammer, which is where the deformity it gets its name. With hammertoe, the toe bends downward, rather than pointing […]


Walking is an excellent form of exercise enjoyed by many people of all ages, both indoors on a treadmill and outdoors in just about any setting or season. Its benefits include weight loss, stress relief, cardiovascular fitness, improved circulation, and lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Walking is also a gentle enough form of […]


Tennis requires a lot of sudden stops and starts, as well as repetitive side-to-side movements and jumps. These actions can be stressful on the feet and ankles for any tennis player, from the beginner to the pro. In light of this, common tennis injuries include ankle sprains, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and, of course, tennis […]

Running & Jogging

Running and jogging are popular forms of cardiovascular exercise. Conveniently, running and jogging can be done alone or in groups, indoors or outside, any time of day, and during any season. However, proper conditioning, stretching, exercise, and footwear are important to avoid foot injuries during running or jogging due to the high impact on the […]


While playing on a typical 18-hole golf course, a golfer walks up to five miles, which adds up to about three to five hours of standing and walking. In addition to spending many hours on your feet, the biomechanics of a powerful, successful swing also rely on properly-positioned feet. Golf shoes should therefore be comfortable, […]