Bunions and holiday shoes

It’s after Thanksgiving and that means one thing; get ready for the holiday parties.  For women, we will be wearing festive holiday fashions and fashionable shoes.  If you suffer from bunions you may dread this time of year.  Trying to find fashionable shoes when you have a bunion can seem almost impossible.  Wearing fashionable shoes when you have a bunion can seem like torture.

What exactly is a bunion? A bunion is a misalignment of the bones in your foot creating what looks like a huge bump on the outside of your foot near the base of your first toe. It forces the big toe to point towards the other toes. It can also occur on the other side of your foot near the pinky toe.  This type of bunion is called a Tailor’s bunion. Bunions can be painful and embarrassing for some. Woman especially may find their bunions getting in the way of their desired foot wear.

Bunions have a genetic component.  If someone in your family had bunions, you have a higher likelihood of developing bunions.   Like many of our traits, heredity holds an important piece to the puzzle. Every individual has unique set of feet that have their own predetermined range of movement and characteristic pattern of walking. Feet that over-pronate (meaning the arch flattens more than it should) have an increased chance of bunion formation. The bones shift so that the metatarsal bone (the bone in the mid-foot) and the big toe begin to point in opposite directions instead of in a straight line.  If you already have the genetics that favor bunions, and you continue to over-pronate, over the years the combination will dramatically increase your chances for creating a bunion.  So if you need a bunion specialist in Overland Park, Olathe, Lees Summit or anywhere in between, turn to Kansas City Foot and Ankle for expert advice and treatment.

Technology can’t change our genes but podiatrists can change the way we walk. Thus, the way to stop the development of bunions is by stopping the foot from over-pronating. And how can you stop the foot from over-pronating? Orthotics are the answer. Dr. Mark Green at Kansas City Foot and Ankle is the orthotic expert. He will create a mold of your feet which will in turn give life to a set of custom-molded orthotics.  Orthotics worn inside your shoes will maintain a more supportive position that will prevent them from over-pronating and halt bunion formation.

If you already have a bunion, and it is affecting your lifestyle, you may be a candidate for a bunionectomy. In this procedure, Dr. Green will remove a wedge from the metatarsal bone and realign it with the toe bones. The results are marvelous.  Even after surgery, custom-molded orthotics are a must to keep bunions from reoccurring.  With custom-molded orthotics, you can decrease the likelihood of acquiring a bunion or prevent a bunion from worsening. Don’t let bunions get in your way this holiday season.  Give our office a call at 816-943-1111 to schedule an appointment today.