Blizzard of Oz – Part 2

Foot and Ankle Injuries in Winter

Foot and ankle injuries in winter are something everyone should be concerned about during this wintery mix. The back-to-back storms that slammed Kansas City have us digging out from more snow than we’ve seen in years. Snow shovels and ice melt are flying off of store shelves. Some of us are sledding, skiing and building snowmen, while others are moving on with their daily routine while trying not to get hurt.  The most common injuries occur due to slips and falls on icy stairs or driveways, and certainly happen with more active outdoor activities.
This ankle injury needs to be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist

If you fall and twist your foot or ankle on the snow and ice there are a few things to remember:

First of all, assess the damage. If you have a lot of swelling and/or bruising in your foot and ankle, then you may have a significant injury such as a bad sprain, a tendon strain or a fractured bone. You should have it evaluated by a Kansas City foot and ankle specialist as soon as possible. A good exam including x-rays will be important to properly diagnose and treat your injury.

If immediate evaluation is not possible, remember the acronym RICE to reduce swelling and help alleviate pain:

Foot and Ankle Injuries in Winter

R – Rest. Get off your foot. Let it rest.

I – Ice. Apply ice to the injured area for 20 minutes per hour to keep swelling down.

C – Compression. Apply an elastic bandage to help reduce swelling.

E – Elevation. Keep your foot above your heart. This lets gravity reduce the swelling.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle has same day or next day appointments available. Dr. Mark Green can assess your injury with digital x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound right in the office to find the source of your injury and treat it appropriately.

If an ankle support or walking boot is necessary, you can be fitted right in our office. Kansas City Foot and Ankle maintains a variety of foot and ankle products so you don’t have to make multiple stops in this nasty weather.

Enjoy all of the fun of a Kansas City winter wonderland, but remember to stay safe. Wear the appropriate footwear when out in the snow and ice. Your footwear should have good traction for the snow and ice and have good ankle support. Be careful of black ice that you may not be able to see when going down steps. Be careful in driveways and parking lots. They may not have been treated. Keep your toes warm and dry, as frostbite can set in quickly. When all else fails, stay warm and cozy inside until this round of snow passes, and soon you’ll be enjoying a beautiful Kansas City spring.