Lapiplasty: The newest, advanced technique in bunion surgery

bunion surgery

Are you suffering from a painful bunion, or have a painful bump along the inside aspect of your big toe joint, making exercise, shoe wear, and other daily activities difficult? Bunions, or hallux abducto valgus deformity, is a common deformity of the foot that causes many to suffer from chronic foot pain. A bunion can […]

It’s just an ankle sprain, right!?

It’s a feeling all too familiar to many people; you’re midway through a jog, basketball game, or maybe just going for a walk, when you feel your ankle suddenly buckle and give out, followed by a sharp burst of pain.  Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries today, and according to the […]

Achilles Tendon Pain in Runners

Are you a serious runner planning to take on the Kansas City Marathon this year? Or maybe you just run on occasion to relax, or are trying to get back in shape for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot?  With the Kansas City Marathon less than three weeks away, many runners are finishing up their training […]