After skating: your feet may need attention from KC podiatrists!

How to prevent foot and ankle injuries among Kansas City skaters.
roller derby

Have you heard about the hottest sport in Kansas City? Roller derby has taken off in popularity. The Kansas City Roller Warriors, Kansas City’s all female roller derby league, have been skating their way to victory since 2004. Now over 80 women participate in the roller derby league in Kansas City. Recently, Dr. Stephanie Jameson, podiatrist with Kansas City Foot and Ankle, treated one of the skaters.

Her injury reminded us why skaters in sports such as roller derby, hockey and ice skating need to see a Kansas City podiatrist on a regular basis.

Why? If you have foot pain, that doesn’t go away after a realistic skate break, then you likely need to be evaluated by a podiatrist! The good news is that most skating injuries are preventable and proper foot care can improve performance.

A common injury associated with skating is toenail trauma from all the weight going into the toes, when one pushes off on the skate stoppers or toe picks. Often too, skaters have problems with their right foot, since most skating sports involve crossing over and placing pressure on the big toe. Another foot complaint frequently seen in skaters is plantar fasciitis. You likely will notice this pain to your heel and/or arch first thing in the morning, but it could really hurt during and after a skate. If the problem persists, you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible.

How can you prevent your chances of developing foot problems if you are a skater?

• wear correctly sized skates
• update your skates appropriately for wear and tear
• tie your laces correctly
• wear the right type of socks
• stretch and warm-up before skating

Bring your skates with you when you go see your podiatrist. Many skaters, who have foot and ankle problems, wear custom orthotics, which help align their foot properly in their skates. Remember to avoid over-training as it can often result in repetitive stress injuries. It’s important to see someone who understands sports, and helps make you comfortable. You want to see someone who treats you with the goal of keeping you in your skates, rather than telling you to stop skating. Call Kansas City Foot & Ankle if you have experienced any recent injuries or have pain to schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

Happy skating!