Afraid your parents may fall? We can help!

Afraid your parents may fall? We can help!

If you are like many of us, your parents are now entering their twilight years.  Many aging adults are continuing to live independently and lead very active lifestyles.  Along with living independently, there is anxiety that comes with having your parents living on their own.  Ask yourself a few questions:

Have your parents fallen in the past?

Do your parents slip, trip or have near falls?

Do your parents stumble or shuffle when walking?

Do your parent’s legs feel weak or unsteady?

Do your parents drag their feet when they walk?

Do your parents have a fear of falling?

If you answered yes to any of the above,  Kansas City Foot and Ankle has a solution for you!

Kansas City Foot and Ankle is proud to announce that wecarry the Moore Balance Brace (MBB).  The Moore Balance Brace is a prescription, custom-made ankle foot orthotic worn as a pair that is designed to fit easily into a doctor recommended shoe.  The MBB is covered by most major insurances including Medicare.

The MBB improves balance and prevents falls by reducing the body’s postural sway.  It stabilizes the foot and ankle when weakness and fatigue exist.  The MBB stimulates skin receptors providing feedback to the brain.  It improves foot clearance reducing the risk of tripping and most important it can help reduce the risk of falling by 30-60%.  

“The Moore Balance Brace is great because it provides the extra support needed and it is as light as a cell phone.  There are not a lot of straps so it’s easy to wear and it’s the only support that was designed solely to reduce the risk of falls. ” Dr. Mark Green

Dr. Green is an expert at evaluating common conditions of the foot and ankle. Make an appointment to see if a MBB is right for you or your parents.   Your neighborhood podiatrist is located in south Kansas City and with convenient office hours that can accommodate your busy schedule.  We accept most major medical insurance and Medicare.

Make an appointment today and enjoy the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to help your parents avoid a terrible fall.