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Unlike typical medical offices, Kansas City Foot and Ankle and the Heel Pain Center of Kansas City mixes a fast-paced, high-performance culture and leading edge technology with a warm and caring environment. Our Core values focus on what we know are the two driving factors to our success; the employee experience and the patient experience. We believe that engaged, happy employees create delighted and happy patients.


Medical Assistants at Kansas City Foot and Ankle serve a primary role in the care of patients secondary only the doctors. The role of the Medical Assistant is to serve the patient and the doctor as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Essential Functions:

  • Warmly greet patients in the reception areas, walk them back to exam room, take basic vitals and subjective information from patient.
  • Prepare doctor with subjective information on chart and provide any insight into patient demeanor, condition and needs prior to doctor entering the room.
  • Set and respond to room timers to ensure no patient is left alone in a room for more than 7 minutes
  • Ensure when applicable that each patient record meets PQRS and MIPS points as chosen by our practice.
  • Ensure that proof of delivery is signed for all DME that is dispensed
  • Enter medical history information as necessary to ensure each patient has a complete EHR.
  • Clean rooms before and after patients. Use appropriate checklists to clean and stock rooms according to established protocols.
  • Stock rooms according to protocols. Check inventory lists and mark used supplies.
  • Order medical supplies as necessary to maintain sufficient inventory per established protocols.
  • Set up surgical trays for minor surgical procedures as outlined in procedures handbook.
  • Scrub patients for minor procedures and wound care.
  • Assist physicians with minor medical procedures.
  • Sterilization of instruments per established protocols.  Change autoclave water weekly, clean autoclave monthly and perform spore testing.
  • Make up injections per established protocols.
  • Send electronically or call in prescriptions per doctor orders to patient’s preferred pharmacy.
  • Use digital x-ray technology to take x-ray images as ordered by physician.
  • Use laser technology to provide therapeutic treatment to patients for toenail fungus and musculoskeletal pain.
  • Use Extracorporeal Shockwave technology to provide therapeutic treatment to patients. Educate patients on the technology and post treatment instructions.
  • Educate patients on orthotics, cast patients for orthotics, order orthotics, enter orthotics in orthotics log and follows up on all orders. Dispense orthotics to patients, fit orthotics to patient shoes, obtain proof of delivery for orthotics and reviews break in instructions with patient.
  • As necessary call insurance carriers to verify insurance coverage for DME such as night splits and orthotics as well as treatments and procedures.
  • Return patient phone calls and do so in a timely manner.
  • Explain recommended products and procedures to patients and answer any additional questions they may have.
  • For surgical procedures ensure patients have all necessary information prior to surgery, schedule surgery with surgery center, verify insurance information prior to surgery. Obtain physician authorizations for patients needing clearance for surgery. Create surgery folders and obtain all necessary documents.
  • As needed call FedEx or UPS for orthotics and specimen pick up.
  • Maintain clean and organized nurses station work area.
  • Process lab orders to Quest and or Bako

Work Environment and Physical Requirements:

  • Sitting and standing for long periods of time
  • Using telephone frequently
  • Using computer frequently
  • Bending, lifting (less than 50 pounds)
  • Walking frequently
  • Pushing (ie. wheelchairs, medical carts)

Other Requirements:

  • High School or equivalent
  • Certified Medical Assistant or relevant medical certification/training
  • 2+ years of clinic experience preferred

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