A look into your future

There is a mystery that surrounds fortune tellers that makes them an irresistible attraction.  The idea that they can help us peer into our future is almost too good to be true.  At one point or another, we all yearn to have this type of foresight.  Behind that swirling crystal ball may be the answer we hoped for.  Or those tarot cards may reveal our deepest dread.  But there is one other way to find insight in your life that may hold more truth than any psychic could conjure.  The simple way to peer into your future is by taking a look at your feet.  I swear it is true.

There are numerous illnesses that manifest themselves with symptoms on your feet.  It’s a lot less mysterious and sparkly than the crystal ball method, but feet are a whole lot more accurate.  Giving your feet the once over is a great way to check if your health is at risk for a serious illness like diabetes.  These serious illnesses, if overlooked, can have disastrous consequences down the road.  So go ahead, peer down at your feet. Do you notice any chances in the hair or skin? Do you see any new moles or old ones that have increased in size?  Does one foot look or feel different than the other?  Perhaps you cannot feel sensation in one or both feet.  Any new changes should be evaluated by a podiatrist.
Here are some examples of what your feet could be telling you:
  • Are your feet always cold?  That could be a sign of circulation problems.  Poor circulation can be problematic and may be a sign of diabetes.
  • Do you have a swollen big toe?  That could be the sign that you have Gout.
  • Are your toenails yellow and brittle?  You could have a fungal infection.
  • Do you have numbness in one or both feet?  You could have neuropathy.
  • Do you see abnormal bumps on your feet or toes?  You could be developing bunions, hammertoes or bone spurs.
Don’t depend on a fortune teller or a crystal ball to tell you what is going on inside of your body.  If you notice changes in your feet, the first step is to call Dr. Mark Green’s south Kansas City office and schedule an appointmentDr. Green can evaluate your feet and determine with science instead of magic what might be going on inside your body.
Leave the magic to the magicians and your body’s health to the experts.  Call the foot specialists at Kansas City Foot andAnkle today and make an appointment.