Google Fiber featured in Kansas City

Like the old song from the musical Oklahoma goes, “Everything is up to date in Kansas City.”  Google Fiber just launched their new internet and cable services in Kansas City.  Google Fiber is a super-fast internet and fiber television system.  It has been promised to be 100 times faster than current broadband.

Kansas City was picked as the debut city for the new Google Fiber product.  Google revolutionized the way people search the internet and now people in Kansas City will have the opportunity to experience the same innovation with internet and fiber television.  Google has always had the reputation of being one of the leaders in technology.

Just like Google, Kansas City Foot and Ankle is also an industry leader by using the best in technology for diagnosing and treating our patients with heel pain.    If you are suffering from heel pain and come in for your initial appointment, here is what you can expect::
  • A thorough physical exam by Dr. Mark Green who has been an expert in diagnosing and treating heel pain for over twenty years.
  • Digital x-rays performed at the time of your initial appointment.  No need to make multiple appointments to accommodate for x-rays.  X-rays are taken in the office and Dr. Green uses the latest in digital x-ray technology to identify the source of your pain.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound: even the best x-ray technology cannot visualize soft tissue problems.  At Kansas City Foot and Ankle, Dr. Green utilizes state-of-the-art ultrasound technology right in the office to visualize soft tissue structures such as tendons and ligaments.
  • The appropriate treatment plan to alleviate your heel pain.
After your thorough examination and diagnosis, Dr. Green may suggest a treatment called cryoanalgesia to alleviate the source of your pain.  Cryoanalgesiais the latest in technology when it comes to long-term heel pain relief.  Cryoanalgesia, “cryo” meaning freezing and “analgesia” for pain relief, is a minimally invasive technique performed in our south Kansas City office which involves the application of very low temperatures to the painful tissues to provide long-term pain relief.  Cryoanalgesia works by creating a nerve block that is similar to local anesthetics; however, the effect is long-lasting.
The great news about the cryoanalgesia technology is that most patients report at least a 50% in the improvement in their pain level within a few days.  Most patients have little to no pain within a month of the procedure. 
Like Google, Kansas City Foot and Ankle is another place where “everything is up to date in Kansas City”. Call today to diagnose and treat your painful heel condition and start finding relief immediately.