Cryoanalgesia or Cryotherapy

Our doctors perform Cryoanalgesia for long-term heel pain relief in our Kansas City office.

Cryoanalgesia is a minimally invasive technique performed in our south Kansas City office which involves the application of very low temperatures to the painful tissues to provide long-term pain relief for various foot pain conditions. Sutures are not necessary, and you can continue to walk normally in your regular shoes right after the procedure.

“I find that most patients report at least a 50% improvement in their pain level after only a few days, that continues to improve over the next several weeks. Most patients have little to no pain within a month of the procedure.”
– Dr. Mark Green

Cryoanalgesia works by creating a “nerve” block that is similar to local anesthetics and the effect is long-lasting.

The most common foot ailments treated with cryoanalgesia are:

The first step is to be examined and to see if cryoanalgesia may be the right treatment option for your pain.